1: The overall introduction

1.1 What is Free Trial?

It's a fun platform for our customers to try out new product for free and review the items currently on our site. You’ll get to receive free product in exchange for a detailed review about the overall experience, including quality, style, fit, fabric, and construction. This helps to improve our brand by providing detailed personal reviews for fellow customers to see. Everybody wins!

1.2 Trial report

If selected to participate in our Free Trial program, you must submit a review report on the item sent to you within 10 days. Reviewers can have the product in hand, feel the texture, see the fit, and know what it feels like to wear. Item reviews will offer comments on the material, texture, overall product quality, complete with photos and a detailed description. Reviews that are excellent will be marked as “High Quality” and will have the opportunity to participate in the next free trial program.

2: How It Works

1. Free Trial testers are chosen through our automated system, we will send the invitation email with a discount code.
2. To select your Free Trial items, fill in your correct mailing address and size, enter the discount code on the checkout payment page.
3. The free product will be sent to the address you provided.
4. Upon receiving the free product, you have 10 days to submit a review report.
5. Make sure to follow all instructions for creating and uploading your review.
6. We'll review your submissions to make sure that it follows our requirements.
Please note, once your review has been approved, your words, images, and videos will be used on our product review page. Your username and other personal information is hidden.

3: Report Submission

1. Once you receive your Free Trial item, it's time for your review! Go ahead and try it on, and take full length and detailed shots of your outfit.
2.Click "Add Review" on the product detail page to start uploading your review and photos.
3. Write a detailed description about the Free Trial item and don't forget to include those photos.
4. Click to submit your review.

4: Rules & Requirements

1. After processing a Free Trial, we'll generate your order and ship it to you. Before applying for the Free Trial, be sure to select the correct size, address, and other personal information, as we do not re-ship packages or bear responsibility for lost items.
2. Please submit a review report within 10 days of receiving the item. Forgetting or not submitting style reviews will directly affect your participation in new Free Trials in the future. Reviews should include a full body shot and two detailed photos of the item. If your review does not meet the requirements, you may not be selected for Free Trials in the future. If your Free Trial order has not been received for over 30 days, please contact our Customer Service.
3. You may not use a fake account to apply for Free Trial products in order to receive more free trials. Accounts caught doing this will automatically have their trials canceled, items will not be sent out, and will be deleted from our Free Trial membership. This will also result in being banned from further Free Trials.
4. Users caught using stolen photos, fake photos, or inappropriate photos will have their reviews removed and flagged. This is strictly forbidden and will result in being banned from our free trial program.

5: How are testers chosen?

Free Trial testers are chosen through our automated system. Our system will consider testers' activity levels with previous Free Trials. The system considers whether the user is a potential buyer, how much they have bought in the past, and how well they have done with our Free Trials in the past.

6: Customer reviews requirements

1. Contents
Feel free to be honest with your opinion. The object of these free trials is to let customers know what kind of product they are receiving when ordering. Your positive feedback helps other customers and your negative feedback helps improve our company.
2. Photos
Please take your own photos when posting your Free Trial report. Do not use website photos or other customer’s photos as it is forbidden to steal photos. Make sure to capture the details of the product while wearing it.
We recommend posting four photos, with a clear focus and details of the item. We recommend the photos be as follows: 1. A full body view. 2. Detail shots of the items. 3. How you styled the item or what you like most about the item.
3. Text
Be thorough yet concise. Let us know the pros and cons of the item as well as any important information you wish you had if purchasing this item.

7: Exceptions

If at any point during your Free Trial period there is a quality issue, design defect, shipping issue, or conflict with Free Trial, you are obligated to let us know as soon as possible. Please let us know your feedback and any defects and problems with the product and customer service.
For any issues, please send feedback to our customer service.


Free trial FAQs>>https://www.jullyshoes.com/pages/faqs

Free Trial How-To >>https://www.ufreetrial.com/pages/free-trial-how-to

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